School Uniform

Dress Code

Students at Columbian Elementary School are required to follow our dress code. Uniforms will be light blue, royal blue or navy blue polo shirts. School emblems will not be required, but may be worn. 

Students may not wear cargo pants. Pants must not bag, sag, or have extra pockets. Polo Shirts Gold, royal blue, navy blue, light blue with or without Columbian logo Shirt must be student’s current size and not to exceed one size larger.

Long sleeve shirts or undershirts can be worn. Undershirts must be tucked in to pants, skirts and shorts.

Board Policy toward student dress is as follows: Students’ attire shall adhere to generally accepted standards of decency. Students’ dress shall not pose a threat to public or personal health or safety. Personal grooming or dress, which is disruptive or distracting to classroom activity or pupil behavior in or about school, will not be permitted.

Appropriate attire means clean, untattered clothing, which covers the body. Flowing, loose or baggy garments, which cause students to trip or fall, are not allowed. Shoes are required at all times no flipflops/shower shoes. Students will be allowed to wear shorts (no spandex or Lycra) in the fall until the end of October and again after Spring Break. Unnatural hair colors, hats, sunglasses and bandannas are not permitted. Belts may not hang pass the shirt. Students are not allowed to wear makeup such as eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc. No wallet chains, large hoop/dangling earrings or other safety hazards are allowed.

Clothing with obscene language or symbols, tobacco, alcohol and other drug symbols, or satanic graphics, depictions of violence, and obscene innuendos on clothing are expressly prohibited.
The presence on school grounds, in school vehicles and at school-related activities of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook or manner of grooming which by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark or any other attribute denotes membership in gangs which advocate drug use, violence or disruptive behavior are not allowed. School principal or designee has discretion to make decisions regarding apparel not listed. Coats are not to be worn during class time. This is a safety and security concern. Coats will be hung on coat hooks in the classroom. If there is a concern about hanging the coat on a hook due to its value we ask that
you send the child to school with a coat that is less valuable.

In accordance with School Board policy (JICA), students violating the dress code shall:

1st Offense: Warning and education about policy and the student being provided an opportunity to
correct the violation.

2nd Offense: Sanctions against the student, such as one (1) day in school detention as well as a requirement that parent/guardian and student review and sign a statement indicating their
understanding of the “Student Dress Code” policy.

3rd Offense: Referral to Principal
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