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1st -2nd Grade


1 spiral ruled notebook
2 boxes of 24 count crayons (fall & spring)
1 package of colored pencils
1 pack of dry erase markers
1 packages of 24  #2 pencils
1 package pink erasers (optional)
1 small pencil box
1 box of tissue
1 pair of safety scissors
4 glue sticks
1 package of ZipLoc bags
      (girls bring sandwich size boys bring gallon size) 
2 bottles of hand sanitizer
1 backpack


 1 Package of wide ruled, loose leaf notebook paper

 1 box of 24 count crayons

 1 package of colored pencils

 2 packages of #2 pencils

 1 package of pink erasers

 1 pair of safety scissors

 1 large glue stick


 2 small glue sticks

 1 small pencil box

 2 large boxes of tissue

 2 folders (any color)

 1 package of ZipLoc bags (girls bring sandwich size and boys bring gallon size)
 1 bottle of hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes (girls bring hand sanitizer and boys bring disinfectant